Friday, 18 April 2014

Giving up, for just a while-(written for a young friend who is battling a health problem)

In trying times, and those of despair
You are often told to hang in there

“Be strong, be brave”
Your loved ones sing along
“It’s all about getting up and moving on.”

“You can do it”, they cry
“Don’t give up or give in.
Life gives you lemons at times
So just have lemonade and grin.”

They love you and mean well
And truly want you to be swell

But hanging in there can sometimes be daunting
That might find your perseverance wanting

At times like these, when resilience dies
And summoning your confidence takes many tries

When you want to either give up or give in
Your courage and bravery relenting

Be assured, it’s just a break
That your mind and body take

To let you assume you are done
While it assuages, repairs and then says, “bring it on!”

So, take (just a little) time, my friend, to cry, rant and rave
To be human for a while, and not brave

For when the last tear has rolled down, and the last cry cried
The last frown frowned and the last sigh sighed,

Your head will move up, your shoulders square
You’ll look your monster in the eye in a cool, long stare,

And say, “I dare you to break me, I dare!”