Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dial 'F' for failure

In today's world, there are so many dreams sold to us that promise eradication of the undesirable. It could be a pimple, a scar, unwanted weight, an irritating spouse, hot weather, dirt, etc. Everyone is aiming for a perfect world. Corrective gurus are espousing cleansing of the soul. Everyone is aiming to become God, and create a heaven on Earth!

Is it possible? Can an environment be a 100% "enabled"?

Ability cannot be defined as the capacity to be 'able' to do something, without the existence of 'disability'. For the creation of an 'enabled' environment, there needs to exist some disability in it.

People with an with an 'eradication' mindset need to understand the importance of the need for a disabled environment. It is the way we look at disability that needs to change, the way we feel about it. If we can get on in our lives despite disability, we are demonstrating ability. It is not necessary to eradicate it.

In our lives, we are dynamically moving towards ability from disability, even when we feel we are stuck in a situation. The feelings generated about our disability in our minds and in those of others determines the speed of our progress.

The wife of my husband's cousin is one of a family of four, who lost their father when they were very young. They faced an acute shortage of money, and their untrained mother took to teaching. Yet, she remembers her childhood to be a very happy one. She once told me, "It was not the lack of money, but how it(the lack) was viewed in the family that determined our attitudes."

Since God has made everything on this Earth, our learning must encompass acceptance along with striving. Whoever has lived life long enough knows that the mountains in our lives never cease to exist. After scaling the summit of each one, there is always another one waiting to be scaled, right till the day we die.

Let us view success that is not an eradication of failure, but the outcome of the learning from failure. Let us embrace disability and adversity, because otherwise we would be ignorant of ability. Let us deliberately court failure, in our attempt to savour true success! Let us dial "F" for failure!